Terrible Story

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That was a Terrible Story …. what they needed was a Big Beautiful Wall around their House .


Meet Freedom

This is Freedom, my 7 pound Mal-Shi. Freedom is a Pet Rescue from a Puppy Mill, the Puppy Mill was closed down and Half-Way To Home Pet Rescue in Lancaster had him up for adoption – That was over three years ago (12-15-2012) and we brought him home when he was about eleven months old. Today Freedom went to his Groomers and I decided I might as well introduce you to him and also say this photo was taken with the Sony A7r with a 1955 Zeiss Tessar lens which is probably one of my favorite lenses to put on the Sony. Without a doubt Freedom is spoiled rotten and I do suffer from separation anxiety when we aren’t together, and he also has a way of making me feel guilty if I go some place without him. So with that said you will know who/what I am talking about when I mention Freedom.

March 18 2016 -small

Freedom got his name because he had been in a cage all his life until we brought him home, when we put him out in the backyard he really didn’t know what to do, so I ran around a bit and he got the idea and started running, since he had been caged all his life he actually fell over while running, my wife and I started laughing and said “I’m Free – I’m Free” from that day on we called him Freedom. Till later ~Peace~