Weather Report ~

Beautiful Rain since a little after 1 AM, I love it !!!.. Yesterday was a bad day for me, I hope I do better today, the rain might help my mood but won’t help my body. I’ll take some pictures today, I haven’t touched the camera in about a week which is not normal for me, I think I have been overwhelmed by depression and can’t shake it, couple that with the pain situation and I’m just a mess.  Yesterday there was a Raven on my roof overlooking the edge and driving Freedom crazy, I wonder what that was all about, I don’t like having a Raven sitting on the roof and staring at me and neither does Freedom, call me superstitious but now I’m dreading bad news, I need to get out and take some pictures and take my mind off of everything.


The Voice of my Flute, The Soul of a flute

I play my flute and my heart soars, like an eagle that has flown for the first time…

I play my flute and I’m overcome with fear and uncertain emotions that I might make a mistake,

play the wrong note, blow too hard, or not blow hard enough… But still, I am compelled to play on…

My flute sings in a quiet, clear voice and its notes dance and echo off the walls and fills a room with its

gentle call for those willing to heed and listen to its song…

Though I provide the breath, it is the flute that sings in its own voice, sometimes joyful, sometimes woeful…

As if to say, listen, my soul magnifies the lord, and my spirit rejoices in god my savior… I hear the voice,

I feel it resonate through my fingers and touch my heart and I begin to wonder, “is this the voice of the lord

that I’ve been trying to hear for all of my life, but have never heard?”

Then, I play my flute again and more, and I find that I’m no longer in this world, but somewhere else, far off,

but never far away…

As I play and my fingers open and close over the tone holes, I find my fingers wanton and moving on their

own, with no conscious effort on my part as they dance and move…

Through it all, I am only vaguely aware of the notes being produced by my flute as it continues to make music,

with the assistance of my hands and fingers and with the energy of my breathing…

Time drifts by as I continue to play… Then as if by some unseen force, I pull myself away and stop.  The time

gone by seems only a moment, but the moment itself, seems to have lasted for an eternity… I cannot wait until I

play my flute yet again, to see if I am carried off and away to that distant place that seems to be never far away…


For those who play, may the voice of your flute carry you off to a distant place as if floating on the notes, to find those quiet and joyous notes of peace and love…

James ” Gooneesh ” Williams

The System – Do They Really Care

Yesterday I slept most of the day and I’ll probably be doing that until my next Dr. appt, I feel as if someone is punishing me… they don’t care, all they care about is if all their I’s are dotted and their T’s are crossed and oh yea the almighty $Buck$, my flute playing is getting much better probably due to it takes my mind off my body, Freedom no longer makes the “Woooo Wooo” sound when I play… well I just finished Breakfast, so I’ll play the flute for a while then go back to bed, driving somewhere or doing any Gardening — -pulling of weeds- is totally out of the question…. !~Peace~

DNA Testing

I’m thinking about doing a DNA Test to see if the rumors of my Indian Bloodline are true, I sure could use some of that Casino money they spread around. It’s like $80 to be tested but I am always fearful that the results can be shared with the wrong people, I don’t know if something could be used against me or not but it does make me think…. Hmmmm, wonder if I got $80 to spare.

Neglect of Your Friends

This Morning I was outside and saw Freedom sitting by the fence with a glazed look in his eyes,  I felt he was feeling a little under the Weather and remembered that I hadn’t taken him for a walk in over a week, so I harnessed him up and put him in the Truck and we went to the Park…we actually walked both Parks and he loved it and now he has that happy frisky look back in his eyes, we have to remember that just a small amount of neglect can be harmful to our pets, they depend on us for their entertainment and exercise,  laying around the house or the Back Yard isn’t enough, they need to see the outside world and smell all the different stuff that is out there… and so do I, getting out and taking a walk is good for the mind and body, you can’t just sit around the House all day long or you’ll go crazy and start chewing the hair off your toes.

First Carnation of 2016

At last my Vintage Carnations are beginning to bloom, I say Vintage because the seeds are from a 150 year old Garden in France… and they smell great.First Carnation-small.jpg

Well My Stellar Flute in the Key of F has arrived, what a beautiful Flute and the Lower Key is very very pleasant to listen to… I’m impressed and really enjoying playing it.. I’ll post some pictures later.

Flute - Stellar Key F-small

Okay here is my Stellar Flute, Key of F, made of Western Cedar, you really can’t see how beautiful the Flute really is, nice simplistic lines, 25 Inches Long and a Beautiful sound.

Time to Rest

After a couple days of pulling weeds, Trimming a Palm Tree, and torturing my body by using a Hula Hoe, I need a rest.. Damn I hurt and still nothing from my Insurance about acceptance of my  Meds (7 weeks now), I’m running out……. I guess I just need to set everything aside until I get this straightened out. My new flute should be here today or tomorrow, well at least that is what the seller said but I really doubt it, when I checked this morning it is still sitting in a Post Office in Pennsylvania… Not much else going on in my little life, I guess that is a good thing since I’m unable to handle stress very well at this moment…. Pain, Pain so much fun for just one person, wish I could share, Na… that is a mean thing to wish.