Movie Night


Last Night I watched Martian… I REALLY enjoyed it, I like stuff like that. Yesterday I watched a video about a French Island named Ibiza, wish I could go stay there for a month or so… oh well, guess I should be happy I watched a Movie last night.. There has been a low pitched hum somewhere outside since 3:30 AM, it just stopped — annoying and I wonder what the hell it was…. Hmmmmmmm. As you can see the Red House Finch has just about raised their Hatchlings this year, they come here every year and raise 3 or 4 little ones, such a beautiful little finch and they just sing and sing all day long.

The Nest-small

P.S. — Here is My new Flute (which hasn’t gotten here yet)…

Indian Flute-small pic.jpg

The first song I learn to play will be Purple Haze, which I want to play at 3:30AM to annoy my neighbors.. isn’t it a cool flute, all hand carved.


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