Yugoslavian Flute – Formerly Indian

Well I’m enjoying the Flute, it takes my mind off of hurting all the time, physically I feel like I’m 80+ years old and mentally I’m… well I’m 80+ years old, today I’m hoping it will be different… Maybe I’ll shoot another Still Life while I still have a abundance of Spring Flowers, who knows —- I’m feeling down and out and one of my best friends is going through some grief due to the loss of his Grandchild, and I feel for him knowing what I still go through from the loss of my Daughter… today is another day just like the one before, all we can do is look at the Beauty that Surrounds us and Love those who Love You… and just maybe hit a Beautiful Note on the Flute, the Romanian Shepard’s believe they can talk to God when they play their Fujara Flute….. Maybe so.

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