Update from Analog Life Blog

Well the Motor Home fire seems to have been a Arson, Boy – Girl Dispute which ended with the Girl/Woman setting fire to her Boyfriends Trailer, seems he was going to kick her out but instead of being kicked out she set fire to the Trailer, well it seems she has somewhere to stay now —- Jail — $100k Bail.  Small Town Drama, she knocked out our Telephone and Internet Service for a couple of days and they had four trucks working around the clock replacing all the burnt out wiring, along with Felony Arson and a few other nasty violations I think she will be out of the Boyfriends life for quite a while. Isn’t Love Grand, in all sincerity I feel sadness for her and I hope her life isn’t ruined by this act. On a different subject, I finally trimmed our Palm Tree now a couple trips to the dump tomorrow and start in moving the River Rock around it to a different location, pull some weeds and do some Round Up and the Front will be good for a while… Holding one of those Chain Saws on a Pole tears my body up, so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow but I have a lot of work in the front to do since I’ve let things get out of hand.

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