Television Shows

I hate most of Television, there I got that out front but I do enjoy some silly comedy and one of my favorites is Big Bang Theory, having worked in Engineering most of my life until I retired I had met my share of Dr. Sheldon Coopers. I won’t say much more but I do like the show and can easily watch it for 6 hours straight, the only things  I don’t like about the show is the dumb song they play at the beginning and the useless dropping of the pants. Life is strange and trust me those characters actually do exist, so besides that Television Show all I need is my flute to take me away from this world, which brings me to my Flute Playing, it is getting better and I have ordered another flute in the Key of F, the one I have now is in F# but I like the lower tones and this one is very simplistic, made of Cedar and really nice for the price, I tried buying a flute built by a renowned Native American Flute Maker but the bid went over my allowed amount.. oh well I bought a very nice flute and wait for it’s arrival.

st1f-super small


Which brings me to my Love of Photography, I believe that my flute playing is not a mistake and that it is predestined to coincide with my Photography, so I will be shooting many more Indian Pow Wow’s in the future…

P1030627-Medicine Man-web

Here is one that has been sitting in the external drive for a few years…

medicine man 2-Master-web


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