Neglect of Your Friends

This Morning I was outside and saw Freedom sitting by the fence with a glazed look in his eyes,  I felt he was feeling a little under the Weather and remembered that I hadn’t taken him for a walk in over a week, so I harnessed him up and put him in the Truck and we went to the Park…we actually walked both Parks and he loved it and now he has that happy frisky look back in his eyes, we have to remember that just a small amount of neglect can be harmful to our pets, they depend on us for their entertainment and exercise,  laying around the house or the Back Yard isn’t enough, they need to see the outside world and smell all the different stuff that is out there… and so do I, getting out and taking a walk is good for the mind and body, you can’t just sit around the House all day long or you’ll go crazy and start chewing the hair off your toes.

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