The Voice of my Flute, The Soul of a flute

I play my flute and my heart soars, like an eagle that has flown for the first time…

I play my flute and I’m overcome with fear and uncertain emotions that I might make a mistake,

play the wrong note, blow too hard, or not blow hard enough… But still, I am compelled to play on…

My flute sings in a quiet, clear voice and its notes dance and echo off the walls and fills a room with its

gentle call for those willing to heed and listen to its song…

Though I provide the breath, it is the flute that sings in its own voice, sometimes joyful, sometimes woeful…

As if to say, listen, my soul magnifies the lord, and my spirit rejoices in god my savior… I hear the voice,

I feel it resonate through my fingers and touch my heart and I begin to wonder, “is this the voice of the lord

that I’ve been trying to hear for all of my life, but have never heard?”

Then, I play my flute again and more, and I find that I’m no longer in this world, but somewhere else, far off,

but never far away…

As I play and my fingers open and close over the tone holes, I find my fingers wanton and moving on their

own, with no conscious effort on my part as they dance and move…

Through it all, I am only vaguely aware of the notes being produced by my flute as it continues to make music,

with the assistance of my hands and fingers and with the energy of my breathing…

Time drifts by as I continue to play… Then as if by some unseen force, I pull myself away and stop.  The time

gone by seems only a moment, but the moment itself, seems to have lasted for an eternity… I cannot wait until I

play my flute yet again, to see if I am carried off and away to that distant place that seems to be never far away…


For those who play, may the voice of your flute carry you off to a distant place as if floating on the notes, to find those quiet and joyous notes of peace and love…

James ” Gooneesh ” Williams


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