Pain in any Language

Japanese - Pain

Damn… been hurting for two days straight…Double Damn


Memorial Day

I thought I would take Freedom to the Park so he could watch the Children, he loves watching Children, but I was amazed this is no longer the Early 1960’s of late 50’s, our Park was damn near empty at Noon.. just isn’t the same, I remember Parks being full with kids and Bar-B-Qing .. oh well, but I have decided to start shooting more Infrared, I’ve always loved infrared even back in the 80’s when I was shooting nothing but film I loved the effect and still do.. so anyways here are a couple of shots.

Infrared - Park-2-webKramer Junction - Roadster-Black and White - web

Since it’s Memorial Day I thought I would also post a card having to do with The Berlin Airlift and The Candy Bomber, who dropped candy from his plane for the children..


A couple shots from the past…LOL

Kramer Junction - Colored Cafe - New Master - Grain - smallElvis_-small

This Morning I had to go to Kramer Junction and meet My Aunt and Cousin, My Uncle had past away last year and he was an exceptional Artist and My Aunt wanted to give me one of his paintings.. it’s beautiful and hanging over the Fireplace now, while there I stopped into The Kramer Junction Antique Shop and took these among others and I thought I would share.. The 50’s were very interesting and full of changes for the American Culture.

Mr. Bo Jangles

2AM and I awoke with Mr. Bo Jangles playing on the radio next to my bed, now there is a flashback for more than one reason, but the reason that really jars my memory is a young girl I once knew named Karen O’Rourke and her Black Irish Setter named Bo Jangles.. it brings a smile to my face thinking about the two of them… oh well I need coffee.It was New Year’s Eve 1970 or maybe 71, it’s hard to remember, anyways I had split up from my first wife and was feeling pretty down and out, My friend Danny Combs was having a New Years Eve Party at his house in Long Beach and Karen went with me as my date, she even brought along her dog Bo Jangles, for what I thought was going to be one of the loneliest nights of my young life really ended up to be a really good New Years Eve with really good friends and Karen whom I have lost contact with always knew how to make me smile, what a special person she was and I really wish I could meet up with her again and give her a big hug… Thank You Karen and Bo Jangles for being my friend and Thank You Danny for also being a friend for so many years.

Loaf of Memories

Yesterday I headed up to the White Mtn’s out of Big Pine but got rained out from my Camping idea and decided to look for a lower elevation Camp Site along 395 but that also didn’t pan out as expected so I sadly came home, but as tradition dictates I stopped at Schat’s Bakery in Bishop for that loaf of camping bread that my Father would get every time we went fishing, Schat’s Sheepherders Bread, we have been buying that bread for camping since the 1950’s and it brings many memories, so today at home and not camping I had a piece of Sheepherders toast, it’s just not the same — how I miss those days fishing with my Father.

Bishop-2-smallSchats Bread-smallBishop-5-small

John Le Carre — I picked up three of his books today from the Bookstore, I need some good reading for camping and Le Carre is a excellent writer that will keep your interest, also My Coffee Candy came today, three pounds will keep me supplied for the Summer, it’s sugar free and packs a caffeine wallop like a cup of Java so I’m set … now for camping, maybe next week when the workies go back to the grind I’ll try again to get a nice quiet site under some pine trees somewhere near Big Pine, when it warms up I’ll head up to Palisades Glacier Lodge area but until then I probably should stick under 5000 feet alt. for the extra warmth.

Great Movie

I just finished watching “The Night Manager” a suspenseful 6 part mini-series with   Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie, written by   John le Carre, John le Carre  also wrote another of books/movie “The Russia House” with Sean Connery and Like The Russia House, The Night Manager was a great movie and it kept me on the edge of my seat, if you get a chance watch it, I just might buy the video so I can watch it again, I’ve been a fan of Hugh Laurie since he played Dr. House but this movie really lets Hiddleston and Laurie shine with their intense acting skills, I can’t say enough except it’s nice to see a good movie once in a while. Well I’m taking off to the White Mtn’s. for a short photo expedition hopefully I find what I’m looking for, I’m glad I put it off for a day in order to see the last part of Night Manager.


Coming September John Le Carre’s  book ‘The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life’ will come out, I’ve already ordered it and looking forward to some good reading about his life.

Our Friends for Life – Our Dogs

Today I had to pick up some Dental Chews from the Pet Store, seems the Market was all out of them, anyways I had to pay Pet Store Prices –$21 for 20 chews, but they make Freedom happy and being like so many other Senior Citizens I’d do just about anything for him.. which brings me to a article I read where Military Service Dogs were being adopted out without contacting the Servicemen/Handlers first… Our Government really is showing a lack of heart by doing something as stupid as that, they aren’t even giving the handler a chance to adopt his own dog… makes me steaming made since I know how much I care for my dog…… just unbelievable..