Politics ~ The MockingBird Party

I for one am getting sick and tired of both the Democrat and Republican Party’s, so I was thinking about changing to Nonpartisan but after reading on the State of California’s website I found that I would not be allowed to vote for a Republican Candidate, I had always thought if you were Nonpartisan you could vote any party in the Primary Election, but it seems it was ruled by the Supreme Court that you must have Party Affiliation, now on the General Election you can vote for one of the top two candidates from the Primary Election, a lot of people believe if you registered as Independent that you could switch to any party at the Primary, but being Independent isn’t what it seems to be, it does NOT mean that you are some sort of Independent thinker, it means you are affiliated with the Independent Party and will only receive their Ballot. So I suggest a New Party named The MockingBird Party that will list all Candidates from every Party and can also have their own Candidate, why did I name it The MockingBird Party – simple, if anyone has ever noticed a Mocking Bird will defend his nest/home with his life, he will take on ALL who threaten either his nest or the nest of a neighboring bird, they will attack humans, cats, dogs, Hawks, Ravens, whatever poses a threat he will defend against.. well that is my story, feel free to think about it, because the system we have now is corrupt and can be infiltrated by those who wish our Homeland harm. We the People should be Free to pick the best person for our Country and not have our choices made for us.


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