Alabama Hills – Camping

Alabama Hills-Eastern Sierras - Master-web

Just got back from Camping in the Alabama Hills with a Old Friend from Jr. High School, Ray Bernard. We had a good time catching up with some 55 years of life, it’s amazing we survived and made it this far, even though his life has probably faced closer calls to ending than mine it came quite clear to the both of us that you really don’t have to be doing anything dangerous to cause it to end in a fraction of a second, Enjoy the days you have left who knows what tomorrow will bring. We went to the Lone Pine Movie Museum, they have a lot of great things to see in there about the movies that had been filmed in the Alabama Hills and a history of film making that goes back to the Silent Film Era with Fatty Arbuckle to modern films like Tremors and Star Trek, matter of fact I believe they were filming something while we were camping there but the signs they had put out said whatever they were doing it was another 31 miles on a dirt washboard road away from us so we definitely weren’t going to loosen every bolt on his truck to find out what it was, but we had a good time sitting under the stars reminiscing about the Good O’l Days  and about our friends that are no longer walking on the top of the ground. It was a good trip. ~Peace~


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