Historical – Some Day

News Casino=web

I thought I would post this on my blog in order to be able to say some day “I Told You So” this will be the ruination of our small quiet town, crime will go up, violence and Divorces, Drug Usage with our youths.. etc… it’ll be the end of what I moved here for some 40 years ago… We will get a Casino because people are stupid and want growth because for some dumb reason they think growth is good for a strong economy, oh well if my home value goes up I’ll sell and move someplace remote….again. But wait this could be a good chance to take pictures of homeless people without even getting into my car and driving 200 miles…hmmmm, graffiti, people overdosing in the park, and those cool looking tape silhouettes they make on the street where people who were stabbed the night before were, how exciting. At one time I had a Theory about Pawn Shops, you can tell the economy by how many Pawn Shops you have in your Community, and all those friends you have that never visit you.. they will pop in for a free place to sleep while they gamble away their money….. ah the beauty of having your very own Casino within walking distance.

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