Return To The Scene

Today I drove Freedom to Oynx to shoot the store one more time but with my 1955 Rolleicord (and my Sony Digital). Back in the late 1980’s I took a photo of this store back when it had two giant Cottonwoods in front, one on each side of the stairs to the deck, I shot the photo from the Right Side, I had gone into the store and bought a Michelobe Beer and was driving my 1985 Chevy Van, well I opened up the side door and sat down to have a ice cold Beer, when I looked at the store from where I was sitting the Tree on the Right Side partially covered the sign and well I thought it looked nice and I just happened to have my 1954 Leica IIIf camera with a Roll of T-Max 100 in it, so I shot the picture from the side door of my Van, I entered the Photo in the Kern County Fair Photo Contest and won First Prize Ribbon, from that moment on I was bitten, the Judge told me that was the first time someone had shot the Store from a Side Angle and everyone always shot it as a frontal, well I was glad I did because the Beautiful Old Cottonwoods as you can see are long gone.

Oynx Store May 2016-web

I also shot this sign which is on a building across the street, nothing stays the same and I can just image that someday that building and sign will no longer be there, after all they no longer sell Beer and I no longer drink alcohol, so things do change.

Oynx Store May 2016-2-web

For Mr. Sturgeon .. here is a link to the Original 1989 Photograph.

Forget the Link I found the Photo on my external drive, so here are the Old Cottonwoods along the side of the store..

1-1x-Oynx Store 1989-web

Onyx Store approx. 1989.




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