Change — Yep Still Talking Change

Pinnacles May 16 2016-2-web

I have had a Book idea for years now but in order to do it I won’t be shooting Landscapes as I did before, the things I will be doing for the Book won’t be seen anywhere except in the Book, so I am going through old files and finding some nice shots that I hadn’t used before and I’ve decided to do a little Post Processing to those shots just to have something to share once in a while, this is one of those shots, I shot this Three Years ago and just decided to show it, the Book I have been working on is about My Home Town and I feel it will be interesting even if you don’t know where Ridgecrest is. Today I had to have some test done as I did last Friday..getting old is a bitch and it seems I’m not being very graceful about it…. oh well that’s life, but as I told Geneva today I have had Three Women tell me to take off my pants Three Times in Three Days…LOL… 25 years ago that would have been pretty exciting..LMAO!!


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