Things I Enjoy

I love to watch Freedom Run, he is almost comical and when he runs in the house he has a way of kicking out his back legs that remind me of a one of his nic names is Funny Bunny…

Freedom Running-web

Today I walked to Walmart to see how the Super Walmart is coming along, there are two reason for this I was curious to see what I could and see if they would actually be up and running by this December, if they could get the guys from standing around with their thumbs up their butts they might make it…

Super Walmart-web

The other reason I walked up there is because I have been having trouble with my leg and I spent yesterday getting a Ultra Sound on my arteries, if I don’t start getting some extreme walking in I might be having some problems down the line… hmmm.. nope I WILL be having problems down the line, getting older is a bitch but I guess it bets the alternative.

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