Breakfast With The O’L Timers

This Morning I walked (I’ll be doing a lot of walking from here on out) To the Midway Cafe to have breakfast with my Old Buddy Mr. Billy Jack Sturgeon, The Midway is one of those places that everyone knows everyone else and is still the quaint Diner it has always been.

Midway Cafe-small

Our Waitress of course is the heart of information of our small town, if you want to know what is going on in a small town you need to find “The Diner” – That would be the one where the Locals all hang out, and you’ll will know if you are in the correct Diner if the Waitress knows everyones name.

Midway Cafe-2-web

Now the News for the Day was The Casino will be built in Ridgecrest soon, the City Council voted on it last night and it passed, seems to be the fastest I’ve seen them react to anything…wonder why ?

Anyways Our small town is Centrally Located, we are 150 Miles from everything as can be seen by the sign post in the center of town (Ridgecrest Blvd and China Lake Blvd.).

Sign Post in Center of Town-web

The sign post sits right in front of Denny’s Restaurant and Yes the sign says the mileage to Area 51 – Groom Lake, which shows you we are out there in Nowhere Land. So Billy Jack and I were talking about how the Town was Once Upon A Time, I of course am a Newcomer to the Town and only been here 37 years Billy Jack on the other had Graduated from the local High School in 1958 so he has seen much more changes than I have… It was a good Breakfast with a good friend. Here is a shot of Billy Jack I took up the road in Randsburg last year.

Sturgeon old poster-small

Well till tomorrow…sleep tight you all and ~Peace~

Total Walking Distance This Morning — 3 Miles


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