Loaf of Memories

Yesterday I headed up to the White Mtn’s out of Big Pine but got rained out from my Camping idea and decided to look for a lower elevation Camp Site along 395 but that also didn’t pan out as expected so I sadly came home, but as tradition dictates I stopped at Schat’s Bakery in Bishop for that loaf of camping bread that my Father would get every time we went fishing, Schat’s Sheepherders Bread, we have been buying that bread for camping since the 1950’s and it brings many memories, so today at home and not camping I had a piece of Sheepherders toast, it’s just not the same — how I miss those days fishing with my Father.

Bishop-2-smallSchats Bread-smallBishop-5-small

John Le Carre — I picked up three of his books today from the Bookstore, I need some good reading for camping and Le Carre is a excellent writer that will keep your interest, also My Coffee Candy came today, three pounds will keep me supplied for the Summer, it’s sugar free and packs a caffeine wallop like a cup of Java so I’m set … now for camping, maybe next week when the workies go back to the grind I’ll try again to get a nice quiet site under some pine trees somewhere near Big Pine, when it warms up I’ll head up to Palisades Glacier Lodge area but until then I probably should stick under 5000 feet alt. for the extra warmth.


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