Mr. Bo Jangles

2AM and I awoke with Mr. Bo Jangles playing on the radio next to my bed, now there is a flashback for more than one reason, but the reason that really jars my memory is a young girl I once knew named Karen O’Rourke and her Black Irish Setter named Bo Jangles.. it brings a smile to my face thinking about the two of them… oh well I need coffee.It was New Year’s Eve 1970 or maybe 71, it’s hard to remember, anyways I had split up from my first wife and was feeling pretty down and out, My friend Danny Combs was having a New Years Eve Party at his house in Long Beach and Karen went with me as my date, she even brought along her dog Bo Jangles, for what I thought was going to be one of the loneliest nights of my young life really ended up to be a really good New Years Eve with really good friends and Karen whom I have lost contact with always knew how to make me smile, what a special person she was and I really wish I could meet up with her again and give her a big hug… Thank You Karen and Bo Jangles for being my friend and Thank You Danny for also being a friend for so many years.


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