Japanese - PainJapanese - Pain — Sitting out on the Patio reading Smiley’s People by John LeCarre, I had just written into my Journal that it seems the Computer and reading News had replaced the days of reading Novels, I’m glad to be getting away from that and Thank Goodness I had dumped Facebook, which had become America’s biggest and most Popular Waste of Time, reading a Novel is like stepping back in time when things were slower and less complex. Well until I think of something witty to say I’ll get back to reading.. I did read a statement in the book which I thought was an interesting observation “By the age of 40 a man gets the face that he deserved”.. interesting thought, good writing does that to you I guess, make you think that is, I know a friend and I had a similar conversation about Women, seems if they were nasty, bitchy,  evil women it shows on their faces at around age 50, and they look nasty, bitchy, evil..LOL. Noon: 96 Degrees F, I took Freedom to the Park for a walk and he didn’t want to walk, then when I sat down I saw why, he was just full of Fox Tails and had some of those round stickers in his hair, seems he is smarter than I am, the city has been cutting back on watering and when they do that the stickers grow..that’ll be the last walk in the park till maybe winter time, it took me 45 minutes to go through his hair and get all the stickers out, guess I’ll listen to him sooner from here on out.

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