Aggression By An Foreign Country

Oath Takers have the Responsibility to Protect American Citizens against Aggression by an Foreign Country, a Command to Stand Down While American Citizens are attacked by a Foreign Country can not be tolerated, Oath Takers must protect their Citizens from Violence by a Foreign Power. If a Flag of an Foreign Country is being displayed while attacking American Citizens it is Aggression by an Foreign Power, we as Citizens are allowed to protect our Life, Our Families and Our Property by any means and it is the Duty of an Oath Taker to Support us… refuse Stand Down Orders and Protect the Citizens you have sworn to Protect, I personally have the Physical body of an 80 year old due to medical conditions, but I will Protect my Family and My own Life by any means … any means.

I have tried to stay away from Politics on My Page,

but The Mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo,  has shown that his Allegiance is to the Country of Mexico and not to The American Citizen, I would not feel safe in the city of San Jose and refuse to visit it by all means, his Allegiance to the Citizens of Mexico over American Citizens is unacceptable and he should be removed from office and relieved of his Oath that he fails to uphold…. we are not safe when we have those in office who fail to uphold their duty. When I go on Vacation I will not go near The City of San Jose, I won’t buy Gas, I won’t rent a Motel Room.. I will not spend one red cent in The City of San Jose. My Vacation plans include going to Big Sur and I will make sure that San Jose is not a place I will visit, I will Boycott any City that refuses to uphold The Oath to protect American Citizens over Foreign Agression.


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