The Cliff May Ranch House

Cliff May was The Father of the California Ranch House, my Wife Geneva and I actually met in a Cliff May Ranch House, we had a mutual friend who lived in Rancho Estates in Long Beach and back then The Cliff May Homes were a bit of Long Beach’s ugly step child, nobody seemed to catch on the way he used the property to give California Living with a fenced patio area to enter the home and all that glass.. any ways I really like the homes and the open Design of the Ranch House, the Home I live in now was built in 1970 and it is a Ranch House Design but since we live in the Desert and not on the coast of Long Beach walls were more appropriate for protecting us from the harsh summers but with a bit of money and a little redesign and a addition our home could easily add some more glass and be shaped much like a Cliff May Home.


Here stands the man himself Cliff May.

below are some of the different Home Designs Cliff offered.

Cliff was way ahead of his time for Southern California Living, and his Designs really hadn’t caught on until the last 15 years or so, even though the Long Beach Rancho Estate Homes were built in the 1950’s for decades nobody really wanted anything to do with them, now they are like Gold… aaah Mid Century Ranch Homes are becoming quite the find in Southern California, now all I need is a few extra bucks to give my home that Cliff May Look… 5a11d4cc0f7c9ba2_7306-w660-h435-b0-p0--home-design


It seems just like Yesterday that Geneva and I were visiting our friend Vikki just so happened at the same time and I fell head over heels for her … Maybe it was the charm of meeting in a Cliff May Home I don’t know but we have been together ever since and that was 1973 or there abouts. Look at those prices, I can’t even get the addition to my home that I want done that cheap, it’s about the amount I need for the fence…LOLcactus_gate

The nicest thing about a Cliff May Home was the Privacy that it gave from the street, unlike the square or rectangular homes that I was brought up in, when you entered a Cliff May Home you came in through a gate and then into a Yard with a living area open to it.

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of course strangers really weren’t sure where they were suppose to enter but you could always meet them at the gate and bring them in if you used an intercomm system at the gate, which many did or at the least the door bell was at the gate.


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