Doing Nothing

Today I scrubbed the Bar-B-Que, soap and bleach and ready for next Bar-B-Que.


Hmmm what else, lets see I took a picture of my junk drop off spot, that’s the place where it collects all your shit until you clean it up….


I took 18 different shots of this pile of junk, moving things around and catching the light in different ways.. anyways this shot is the one I chose out of 18, digital definitely has it’s place and shooting pictures with immediate gratification is probably the best part about it…but it’s still not film, Oh Well.

That’s it… Watching Big Bang Theory and that’s it, took my night pills and will fall asleep in my recliner with my mouth open in about 1/2 hour, and finally be awoken by Freedom who wants to go outside to pee… Retirement..LOL


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