1984 – Orwellian Life is Here

Facebook – Google – Both used by Millions to get their Political Information, they are stacking the deck and not playing Fair and Honest, I removed myself from Facebook back in October of 2015 and now it seems I will go back to Yahoo as my Search Engine, what a shame that we are living in these times and the technology we rely on is being used as a intellectual weapon, I fear for the young Generation only knowing what is being spoon fed to them from Public Schools to Biased Search Engines and Facebook which deletes what they feel they want to delete… After Watching “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” the third time yesterday I really miss the days of Life Magazine, they really did have the best Photographers, beautiful Black and Whites and Great Stories, this Generation will never see anything like that and I will never see it again either..well maybe I will, we’ll see, I would have LOVED being a Photographer for the Old LIFE Magazine, just maybe I will pretend my Word Press is my own Personal Old Life Magazine and I will make myself the Photographer for it.. even though I rarely leave this small town I just might do that, kind of a fun idea. Well Till Later ~Peace ~Truth and Honesty.


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