Loaning People Things ~

I believe I was in my 50’s when I finally decided to stop loaning things to people, I never got them back. I loaned a person a DVD, months later I asked for it back and they said they hadn’t time to watch it yet, months later same thing, months later they lost it..oh well when will I learn.. Through the years I have loaned CD’s to People that never found thier way back home and before that it was records which brings me to this blog. Back in High School I had a Friend named Jack who had a Band named the Kordels, his band actually recorded a record which was pretty big stuff back then and I bought a copy from Jack. I think I paid $3 for it back in 64 or 65.


Well My Friend Jack passed away many years ago and I had the biggest urge to hear his voice this morning, Yep at 1:30 AM I wanted to here Jack sing one more time, the record I had I loaned out and I think the person I loaned it to became the owner of it through so many years of having it, never the less I won’t be seeing it again.. but I did find a copy on e-bay for $25, which is a option, but the other option I have is to see if my friend Danny has a copy in MP3 format that he can give me, if not I will buy the damn record again and find a way to get it copied to a MP3 format…I MISS JACK AND  I WANT TO HEAR JACK’S VOICE NOW!!!  When we got out of High School,  Jack Apfelbaum became a Guitar Teacher at Al Kalie’s Music Store in the Lakewood Shopping Center, and I took Guitar lessons from him, Jack was one of the most kindest, sweetest person you could ever want to meet, I miss his friendship dearly and just maybe listening to that record one more time will be a beautiful reminder of how great and talented Jack really was.. Jack owns a special place in my heart that I have reserved for special friends.. I have a need to return my mind back to those days, oh well….. ~Peace~

jack apfelbaum chris christensen

Jack is the Gentleman on the right, this was taken in Alaska with his band Midnight Flyers.

Doc '66

Here is Jack (in the Background) playing with Doc Goldstein (on the left) back in 1966.

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