Time – The most important faction of humanity, we can record it, we can measure it, but that is just about the extent of what we can do with time… or is it ?  Writing these blogs is wasting it…

In Memory Of: … My O’l Friend Nick (Richard) Necochea, I just read where he had passed away back in 2014, I still have images of him sitting on the front porch of Crab Hollow playing guitar, it’s been a long time since those days, back then he was fresh back from Haight Ashbury and had the battle scars to prove it, boy those were the days, and I’m TOTALLY AMAZED he lived to a ripe Old Age of 69, his lifestyle said a big No to that..LOL.. see ya on the Flip Side Nick !

One for the Bucket List…. I want to spend an entire week riding the El in New York, 8 hours a day for a week straight, well maybe not that much but it is something that I have seen in so many movies and so many photographs it has created its own romantic aura. A couple shots from Saul Leiter on the EL..

Saul Leiter riding the ElSaul-Leiter-El-New-York-1954

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