It Could Be Worse

I’m having a terrible time with my back, I’ve twisted a muscle or something and can hardly stand up straight, we’ve all been there right ?… But when I read the news and see that a Family’s two year old child was dragged off by a Gator at or near Disney World in Florida, well it just makes my stomach turn with sadness, to have such a thing happen just breaks my heart. Then of course we have the useless slaughter of 50 people in a night club in Florida, well my twisted back doesn’t seem so important. If you know me I have become anti-social networking, I was on My Space for a few years then moved over to Facebook for about … well I really don’t know how many years I was on it but it was a brand new thing when I first signed up and I watched it grow into what it is today, I closed my Facebook account last October and even though I do miss some people overall I am glad I closed the account, I have this somewhat useless blog to use to blow off some steam and share photos and I also have my handwritten Journal to write some other things down, it’s early in the morning and I’m not making much sense, plus the pain is very distracting.. I do know that my trip to the Bristlecone Pines will probably have to wait until I can stand up straight… Oh well, maybe I’ll come back and change this blog so that is sounds coherent, but my back is killing me and it could be worse.

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