The Mystical Journey

Bristelcone Pines-26-web

4,800 Years Old – Maybe. My friend of over 54 years, Ray Bernard and I took a Mystical Journey to a land far far into the sky at 11,000 feet we walked 4 miles to visit the Bristlecone Forest in the White Mountains, Photographically I didn’t do these beautiful trees any justice but what this journey gave me was more that a few photographs, it gave me time with a dear friend, time that will be remembered the rest of our lives, I enjoyed this trek into a place where few people will ever go, Ray and I also met a Botanist that returned to the Bristlecones after 2o  years and he gave us some insight to what these trees really mean to humanity, they may hold the secret to long life for mankind but even if they don’t they have a story of struggle to survive on Earth, it definitely was a Mystical Journey with a good friend… ~Peace~

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