Trick or Treat

Me on the left-web

Trick or Treating – The term started in 1927, this photo was taken of Me and my Neighbors in Santa Ana  Calif. in the early  1950’s, I’m the idiot on the left with the glasses and mustache—- These were happier times for children, when the neighborhood was safe and children could wander the streets having fun and playing.. why did we ever change, who did this to us ?  Our children have been cheated of their innocence in these times. This photo (photo below) was taken about 1952 or 53, Laurel Street, Santa Ana California. By playing around with Google Street and Zillow I have figured out our address was 13902 Laurel Street, we moved there in 1949 and moved out in 1954, I enjoy sparking my memories on things like that. I found this shot of The Laurel Street Kids, this was just our street so you can see when we were all out playing Hide N’ Seek we had a good time.

Laurel Street Kids - Santa Ana Calif 1954-2-small

It would be funny if one of these kids was doing a Google Search and came across this picture, I’m sure it would blow their mind after all these years. The only names I remember from back then were Susie Beck, Carol Beck and Chuck Pullen, anyways it’s been close to 63 years since this was taken. I’m really really bored and that is why I posted this.

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