Erskine Creek Fire – Lake Isabella

As of this afternoon 19,000 acres and STILL BURNING, close to 100 buildings have burned down. This is really bad fire threatening 1500 homes/buildings, I still have friends who live in the area and I pray their lives and property survive,  Many of my photos were taken in that area and those locations are threatened this very moment, it really saddens me to see this beautiful area destroyed by fire, I lived in Kernville  during the Stormy Complex Fire, 1990 which was a loss of  24,000 acres and we had Fire Fighters sleeping on our front lawn,it was quite nerve racking having your valuables loaded up in your car waiting to be told to leave. Here is a couple of my photos of things that are right in the path of this terrible fire…

Old Flour Mill-webKern Preserve - Rollei - December 2015- Two -small

(Friday 6-24. 1:42PM) I just read that there is up to 600 Fire Fighters working this Fire right now and they are waiting for more to come in, there has been two known fatalities so far….


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