I’ve had a Leica IIIf for about 20 years and finally sold it, it was a pain in the ass to load the film and I had to tell the people who developed the film how to do it (it had to be trimmed).. anyways I bought a Zorki 6 about 4 years ago and have taken some nice shots with it.

zorki 6 -web

First of all it’s a back loader and no need to trim the film, second it has a winding lever, it is just as light as the Leica IIIf and about 1/10 the price, I wish I would have kept my Leica lenses since they also work on the Zorki.

Well recently I bought a Kiev 4a, because I had heard how great they were….

Kiev 4a-web

NOT… I’ll take the Zorki 6 any day of the week, I wasted my money (about $30). The Kiev does not have a winder lever it still uses the knob, and it’s heavier than the Zorki, I keep hearing how poorly the Zorki’s were built and it was best not to buy one built on a Friday since they had been hitting the Vodka usually on Friday..whatever, anyways I guess I got a good one .. so that is my rant for the day– Freedom had a great walk today in the park, he really enjoys them and gets moody if he doesn’t get his walk…well ~Peace~



I use to work in Trona and thought I would go there today and shoot some street shots, pretty depressing but I had fun doing it…


here is a photo of the Old Super Market that has been changed to a Dollar store, so now I guess if you need any groceries you have to hope that Pioneer Point Liquor Store has it or you have to drive to Ridgecrest (25 miles) —

Trona-32 -web


A lot of the homes in Trona are boarded up and vacant, there really isn’t much to do there, maybe that is why drug abuse is a big problem.. but anyways here are some more pictures of lovely Trona..

Trona-14-webTrona-30 -webTrona-31 -web

Yard Art is big in Trona as you can see. I’ll post some more later. Okay here are some shots of Beautiful Downtown, where the lights are bright and things are a buzzing..

Trona-28 -webTrona-27 -web

This is Gail Austin, local Geologist who invited me into his private collection of antiques and stone spheres…


I enjoyed my visit and I have to admit small town people are a lot friendlier than Big City Folks.

Every Morning

Every Morning for a week straight I have taken Freedom for a walk, and now I am starting to train him, little things like “Sit – Stay – Come ¬†and next is Down” I am totally amazed how smart he is and feel guilty that I haven’t worked with him until now, he is a real joy and a good friend and he deserves a good walk every morning. Did you know that a dog is the only animal besides a human who understands what pointing is, think about it he actually understands that you are pointing at something and responds… amazing. Man has had is dog buried with him for 12,000 years, that means a Dog has been Mans friend for that long… truly My Best Friend.

Freedom Standing cute -small


I have come to the conclusion that Retirement is much like the Summer between 10th and 11th grade and you are put on Restriction and must stay home and not associate with any of your friends. When you were young all your world and friends was within a few miles, now when you retire they are in different states.