Freedom’s Walk

Today I took Freedom for his walk in the Park and he did really well, I also carried my camera in my new Messenger Bag that I got for joining the Sierra Club, I’ve refrained from joining the Sierra Club for many years due to some of their Politics that I didn’t agree with but the Messenger Bag was too good to pass up..LOL.

Boots and Bag-2-web

I also am back to wearing my Old Hiking Boots, the new ones are a High Boot and for some reason they hurt my Big Toes, mostly when I was walking the trail down hill, so I’ll probably be buying another pair of Hi-Tech Boots like these, they are really comfortable. Today I saw My friend Sonja and found out her Husband Carl had passed away, so sad and really sad for Sonja, she is a special person with special needs and I don’t know what she is going to do without him, Life really sucks sometimes. While in the Park I met a man named Terry, he has lived here in this small town since 79 and he looks as if life has dealt him a bad hand, even though the walk in the Park was good for Freedom and I it still was a bit depressing because of other people… oh well I guess I have a lot to be Thankful for.



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