I’ve had a Leica IIIf for about 20 years and finally sold it, it was a pain in the ass to load the film and I had to tell the people who developed the film how to do it (it had to be trimmed).. anyways I bought a Zorki 6 about 4 years ago and have taken some nice shots with it.

zorki 6 -web

First of all it’s a back loader and no need to trim the film, second it has a winding lever, it is just as light as the Leica IIIf and about 1/10 the price, I wish I would have kept my Leica lenses since they also work on the Zorki.

Well recently I bought a Kiev 4a, because I had heard how great they were….

Kiev 4a-web

NOT… I’ll take the Zorki 6 any day of the week, I wasted my money (about $30). The Kiev does not have a winder lever it still uses the knob, and it’s heavier than the Zorki, I keep hearing how poorly the Zorki’s were built and it was best not to buy one built on a Friday since they had been hitting the Vodka usually on Friday..whatever, anyways I guess I got a good one .. so that is my rant for the day– Freedom had a great walk today in the park, he really enjoys them and gets moody if he doesn’t get his walk…well ~Peace~

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