Bringing Susanville Back Home

I brought a bit of Susanville back home with me, while wandering in the back alleys of Susanville I found this Trumpeteer Vine climbing up the Telephone Pole, anyways I picked a Seed Pod off of it and brought it home, now I need to start growing a plant, I emptied the Pod and it was full of mature seeds so I guess I’ll give it a try..


Trip Pics and Lenses

A couple months ago I bought a Pentacon 29mm lens and took it with me on our trip, well I wasn’t too sure I liked 29mm that much until I started looking at some of the shots I took in Alturas with it… I think I like it a lot, for a inexpensive lens it really is crisp and the 29mm is actually a nice focal length after you get use to it.. a couple shots from Alturas….

Alturas has to be the sleepiest town I have ever been in, it seems hardly anyone is up and about at 7am.. well except this one guy on the bike. I’ll be using this lens a lot more often.

The Elks Bldg Alturas Calif - web

Here is one of The Elks Building in Alturas, pretty cool looking Elks Lodge if I don’t say so myself.

Main Street Alturas California-2 - web

Here’s one looking down Main Street…aka Highway 395.

The Day After – Bar-B-Q

Okay now that the wedding is done it is time to relax with Friends and Family at a Bar-B-Q at Desiree’s House with her husband Ken and the Grandkids and Friends/Family, I am now in my comfort zone, shooting Black and White and having a nice visit, I do have to say meeting Mr. Chavez was very nice, he like me has been around the block more than once and had great stories to tell, he’s someone I could definitely share a campfire with.. Note: Ken – Move the Bar-B-Q away from the Vinyl Siding, you are melting the house..LOL.


Smoke Smoke that Forest

Since I returned from vacation on Thursday our little Burg in the Desert has been filled with smoke and smells like a Camp Fire — Yep we have more fires in the Mountains – again ! Last Time it was up above Lake Isabella towards Weldon, this time it is up above Wofford Heights near Alta Sierra, I swear if these are being purposely set by some arsonist they should be tried in court for Terrorism or what ever charge that gets them the biggest penalty.. I hate Forest Fires and I hate people who set them, some people are totally crazy and then again some are so stupid they should be put away, We The People have spent a lot of money so that everyone could have access to our National Parks, but with that we get stupid flat landers who just have to have a huge camp fire etc.. and I’ve seen it with my own eyes, drinking and stacking pallets on a camp fire with flames going up 15 to 20 feet in the air, or starting camp fires in windy environments (saw a Boy Scout do that one – he was told to put it out by other campers, while the scout masters stood around with their thumbs up their butt).. People can’t even take care of the environment they live in and then we give them access to the wilderness, with paved parking and nice toilets, places that 30 years ago they would have had to pack back in to… Well that is just one Rant for now I have a lot of them to share from this trip I have been on, I’ll get to those later. ~Peace~

Deep Ka-Ka

Nothing to do with my vacation– Well kinda, before we left I bought a Zeiss Flektogon, 35mm/2.8 lens.. I’ve been wanting to shoot some Street Photography ala FredHerzog/ Saul Leiter and this is the top of the lenses for doing something like this plus it makes for a excellent mid range wide angle for Landscapes, well I found on in Exakta Mount which is a non-popular mount but I also own two Exakta 35mm Cameras in which it also can be used on.. but this lens is totally mint and I paid some what more than most of my lenses,


anyways The Big G is a bit ticked off.. Now if I bought this lens in the new E-Mount form it would run around $1,100 but since I am such a thrifty devil I picked mine up for a little more than 1/10 that price… Well hopefully she won’t slit my throat but it is a Beaut that like they say I just couldn’t pass up and it was delivered today.. oh well, hopefully I haven’t ruined the good mood she has been in from the trip. ~Peace~