Good O’l Days

I was just thinking about the short time I lived in Denver, it was in the early 70’s, the town was full of Artist and Hippies, when I first arrived I had a friend named Zap – his real name was Francis so you could imagine he was happy with a nick name, anyways his sister lived there and I stayed with them for a couple of weeks then I got my own place.. but I do remember those were the days of Rent Party’s which is something you didn’t see too much in California, and for those who don’t know what a Rent Party is, it’s when you’re so broke you can’t make the rent, so everyone pitches in and brings and dish and pitches in $20 or so for the meal and beer, then hopefully when the night is over the person has enough money to pay the rent… that is something that just flashed in my head, along with the artist I met there who painted pictures of Victorian Homes and Buffalo’s, wish I remembered his name because he was a damn good artist and probably became famous, but anyways my time in Denver was fun to say the least but things have a way of working out that didn’t seem to be working out at the time..LOL — makes sense huh ?.. I just finished having Corn on the Cob and Bar-B-Q’d some Ribs, with some Vanilla Ice Cream and Fudge topping… so these are the Good O’l Days and hopefully I will understand that now. ~Peace~


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