Birthday —

Yes My Birthday is coming soon and I am sure you are beating yourself to death on what to get me, so I’ll make it easy -Sony Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA Lens


Thank oh so much in advance.

Why I love Zeiss so much, the picture below is taken with a 40 year old Zeiss 50mm, 2.8, I love the color and the sharpness.. it’s a great and inexpensive lens.. this was Freedom’s time in the Doggie Park alone, I think he enjoyed it..

Freedom at Dog Park-6-web

Nothing has been touched up in this shot, this is as shot, the colors remind me of 1970’s Kodak Film instead of crisp digital.

UPDATE:— After serious thinking I much rather have a vintage Zeiss Lens than a new one, even though it would not use the capabilities available on the camera it still has a much better look to the photographs, I love old Zeiss lenses.


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