Highway 395 – First Stop Rock Creek

The first stop was a night camping in Rock Creek Calif., which is right near Tom’s Place/Mammoth Lakes.. The Beautifully manicured trails, wooden bridges and lovely vacation cabins.. it was freezing that night (well almost) and I had leg cramps which kept me awake most of the night.. Geneva had told me a story years ago that her Step Father and Mother had decided to start going camping, so they went out and bought all the goodies needed to be a real camping family, well they packed up all the stuff and went to Rock Creek with the Step Fathers Brother and his wife, the next morning it was so cold that all their water had froze during the night and they had to chip at it and put it into a pan and heat it up to just have enough water to make coffee, needless to say when they returned home earlier than planned he sold off all the camping equipment and that was the end of the Family’s camping experience, I can sympathize with them because it gets damn cold up there.

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