Deep Ka-Ka

Nothing to do with my vacation– Well kinda, before we left I bought a Zeiss Flektogon, 35mm/2.8 lens.. I’ve been wanting to shoot some Street Photography ala FredHerzog/ Saul Leiter and this is the top of the lenses for doing something like this plus it makes for a excellent mid range wide angle for Landscapes, well I found on in Exakta Mount which is a non-popular mount but I also own two Exakta 35mm Cameras in which it also can be used on.. but this lens is totally mint and I paid some what more than most of my lenses,


anyways The Big G is a bit ticked off.. Now if I bought this lens in the new E-Mount form it would run around $1,100 but since I am such a thrifty devil I picked mine up for a little more than 1/10 that price… Well hopefully she won’t slit my throat but it is a Beaut that like they say I just couldn’t pass up and it was delivered today.. oh well, hopefully I haven’t ruined the good mood she has been in from the trip. ~Peace~

2 thoughts on “Deep Ka-Ka

  1. I found out through my astronomy that good lenses are worth every cent you pay for them. The Heavens opened up for me when I got a few good lenses that could discern a galaxy from a nebula!

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