Trip Pics and Lenses

A couple months ago I bought a Pentacon 29mm lens and took it with me on our trip, well I wasn’t too sure I liked 29mm that much until I started looking at some of the shots I took in Alturas with it… I think I like it a lot, for a inexpensive lens it really is crisp and the 29mm is actually a nice focal length after you get use to it.. a couple shots from Alturas….

Alturas has to be the sleepiest town I have ever been in, it seems hardly anyone is up and about at 7am.. well except this one guy on the bike. I’ll be using this lens a lot more often.

The Elks Bldg Alturas Calif - web

Here is one of The Elks Building in Alturas, pretty cool looking Elks Lodge if I don’t say so myself.

Main Street Alturas California-2 - web

Here’s one looking down Main Street…aka Highway 395.

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