Childhood Memories

When I was a young boy I would spend time with my Aunt and Uncle in Susanville during the Summer, I remember my Aunt had another nephew but his name escapes me..anyways he was there one Summer when I was there and we would go to the park and play in Roops Fort, a Battle between Nevada and California was fought there called The Lassen County War, anyways here is a shot I took this last August of Roops Fort..


After a half hour or so we were bored shooting Indians from the Fort and he wanted to play a game called “Billy Goat Gruff”, now I had no concept of what this was about except one person would walk over the Bridge and the other from below would call out some dumb quote about “Who Goes There”.. well we didn’t play this for long because the whole thing seemed pretty stupid to me, anyways here is the Bridge over the Susan River that we would play that stupid game..


Just going through some pictures and thought I would share that little piece of childhood memories..

Update:…. Just got back from walking Freedom, what a beautiful day, we are suppose to be having Thunder Storms but so far it’s just some nice clouds and the cloud cover kept the walk a bit cooler, Freedom was a perfect gentleman and didn’t try to lead and also obeyed all his walking commands.. that to me is the beginning of a great day, also my candy fix will be delivered today.. I have an addiction to Rio Coffee Sugarless candy and actually buy it from a Candy Warehouse by the 3 pound bag..hmmmm 3 bags at a time..LOL– So today will be one of the great ones, a good day to be retired, and yes the candy has caffeine in it..Now for a RANT… sometimes I comment on Political Online Articles–BUT most of them now require you to have a Facebook account, and I have been off of Facebook for a year now, some of the articles use DISQUIS to log in and others even your Google or Yahoo accounts– but there are those who just stick with Facebook — Oh Well, then of course there are Huffington Post articles which don’t even allow you to Comment, usually because the writer is clueless and wants to spin his/her lies without retribution, I think I will start looking at the bottom of an article to see if it allows comments before I read it, a writer should allow himself to be criticized or for people to bring a different opinion, mostly if it is a article of Political Nature…. That’s my Rant.


Bath Day

Today was Freedom’s Bath Day… ahhh he smells soooo nice, I pick him up and put him to my nose like he was a fresh towel that just came out of the dryer.. anywho he’s not thrilled but he’ll get over it…


Beware of winter before it comes- The Ant and the Grasshopper –

It seems more and more we have Grasshoppers in our circle of friends or family, if you know the Fable then you know what I am saying, if you don’t know the Fable I will summarize it here for you……The fable describes how a hungry grasshopper begs for food from an ant when winter comes and is refused. The situation sums up moral lessons about the virtues of hard work and planning for the future.

A Grasshopper that has spent the summer singing while the Ant has worked to store up food for winter. When that season arrives, the grasshopper finds itself dying of hunger and begs the ant for food. Maybe the Grasshopper wasn’t playing the Fiddle and Dancing but instead just spending money like a drunken sailor, all those mini vacations during Summer, those Annual Passes to Disneyland, nice Restaurants, Hotels, or maybe it was just Party – Party – Party with Booze and Drugs, one way or another they are broke, Winter is around the corner and they look towards you to help them out….


After all you’ve worked hard and saved your money and if you don’t help them they might get kicked out on the street and freeze to death, their life is in your hands or should I say in your check book, society has pushed this attitude more and more, with Bail-Outs etc…and now down to the Family unit. There are those who can smell your weakness, sense your willingness to help and depend on you to pull them out, after all, you are a Ant, you worked, you saved and you will feel a huge burden of guilt if you turn them down.. it’s a great Fable and even reaches into the Bible…. Winter is around the corner and the Grasshoppers are out in abundance looking for their yearly handout.. Good Luck ! — My Font size went crazy on this post but oh well.. squint your eyes a little..LOL


Rant ! – Mexican Independence Day

There are Parades all over the United States celebrating Mexican Independence from Spain… WHAT !! — are their so many Mexicans here that they don’t have enough left at home to have a flipp’n Parade, I know of no Country that has a July 4th Parade to celebrate U.S. Independence from Britain except here in the United States.. Remember Mexico was also under French Rule because they refused to pay back the money loaned to them from France.. seems nothing has changed, if they are so proud of their country then why have they been leaving it for the last 75 years.. this is a joke, and I don’t care who disagrees with me on this— So Go Home ! – Borrow money from France and don’t pay them back, and just maybe you can have a Parade for the day France saved you from The Mexican Government.

Morning Walk With Freedom

Today while taking Freedom for his Morning walk we were approached by a young man asking if his Son could pet Freedom, his Son and Wife were sitting in their SUV, so I told him sure.. well he went and got his Son out of the SUV and held him while I held Freedom up so he could pet him, the little Boy was about 3 years old and I could see he was enjoying petting Freedom as was Freedom enjoying the attention.. it is amazing how many small children love petting Freedom, when we were on vacation we would stop at the rest stops and almost everyone some small children wanted to pet Freedom, he just about has his own fan club..LOL

Bar B Q-15


41 years of Bliss

Well today is my 41st Anniversary, we did the Chinese food lunch thing today.. I’m a very lucky man to have been with someone for so long, it seems like yesterday when we first met, the days seem to coming faster and faster, I guess that is a sign that life is good, I don’t think I could ask for anything more than I have as far as being married to my best friend.