Stone House Revival

I should have been born with a Silver Spoon in my mouth, I love watching these type of shows that take old homes and bring them back to life, first I love old homes, ours was built in 1970 so where we luck out is having better quality of materials, well at least I think it is better quality, the walls seem to have thicker dry wall and it’s all wooden framed, newer homes these days just seem to be built with cheesier materials, our house is very quiet from the outside with double pane windows through out plus a double pane sliding glass door, when you shut the house off from the outside it is very quiet plus thermally it really keeps the temps in….But it still isn’t the type of home that I truly love, I love very old homes with beautiful wood work etc… oh well, I have what I have and I should be happy considering things that happened in my life… well I can’t write anymore while watching this show..LOL

I found this house in Oregon that was built in 1898, but Geneva just doesn’t want to move, it actually sells for less than what I owe on my home I live in now, so it is quite affordable.. but I think we both are just too old for another move..anyways– check it out.


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