Politics — Greatest Show On Earth

I was going to keep my opinions to myself but –BUT… with the way things are going it has become a 3 Ring Circus, Geneva (My Lovely Wife) has really jumped into this with both feet and it is hard to escape.. anyways tonight at Dinner Geneva said that Hillary reminded her of the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, I almost choked..Damn she sure does– “Off With Their Heads!”– Too Funny !!!!


Guess what I’m watching tonight…LOL

And of Course we can’t forget Huma and the Rest of The Staff….



Fire in the Sequoias

You need to read this article so you can understand how this fire had got started…By a crack smoking illegal who ran off the road and hit a tree.. he had been deported 5 times, only to walk across what we laughingly call a border and return.. any ways I’m ticked off and tired of Moon Beam Brown and his Sanctuary Cities…


I would like to add that my Town of Ridgecrest has to add a special sales tax in order to pave our roads and pay our Police, the reason for this is Moon Beam has stolen our tax dollars to pay for his Sanctuary Cities, Belmont High in Los Angeles has 25% illegals as students, they walk across the border and head for Los Angeles, the school helps them find jobs, housing, food, clothing, medical.. and you know what I mean by helping them.. they show them the ropes on how to suck off the system..these so called children are from the ages of 16 to 21, we know that because that is what they tell us.. Yea right !!, do you really want your 15 year old Daughter going to school with a illegal in his 20’s, well we have to pay our taxes twice so we can keep our town afloat, because Moon Beam is stealing tax dollars from small towns across the state to support the Sanctuaries. — Big Huge Wall !!!


Ridgecrest, Ca

Lately I have been wanting to get out and shoot some landscapes, Fall colors but I haven’t, the reason, I can’t seem to get out and drive like I did before, everytime I think of going someplace I just cringe with the thought of driving.. so I think I’ll just surrender and shoot Ridgecrest till the day I die, it’s changing a lot and I think many of the pictures I take now will be nothing but memories of what Ridgecrest was once 10 years from now.. everyday I become more and more reclusive and have gotten to where I don’t even want to answer my telephone, and the election isn’t helping.. two phone calls a day wanting to take surveys, so I just dread picking up the phone.. anyways we had some rain last night and some nice cloud cover so Freedom and I strapped on the camera with a 29mm lens and shot these.

The Oz House recently went through a Bank Foreclosure so I don’t know how long it will be still standing, and of course the VFW is kind of showing its years so I wanted to make sure I got a couple shots of both before they are gone– everything around here seems to be disappearing.

Hippies vs Yippies

For decades Hippies have gotten a bad rap and it’s the Yippies that should have been blamed, but the Yippies were quick to jump on board and make their movement look bigger by letting the entire movement look as if it were Hippies– Here is what Wikipedia says about Yippies:

“The Yippies had no formal membership or hierarchy. Abbie and Anita Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Nancy Kurshan, and Paul Krassner founded the Yippies (according to his own account, Krassner coined the name) at a meeting in the Hoffmans’ New York apartment on December 31, 1967.[7] “If the press had created ‘hippie,’ could not we five hatch the ‘yippie’?” Abbie Hoffman wrote.[4] Other activists associated with the Yippies include Stew Albert, Ed Rosenthal, Allen Ginsberg, Ed Sanders, Robin Morgan, Phil Ochs, Robert M. Ockene, William Kunstler,Jonah Raskin, Steve Conliff, John Sinclair, Dana Beal, Matthew Landy Steen, Judy Gumbo, Ben Masel, Tom Forcade, David Peel, Tuli Kupferberg, Jill Johnston[citation needed], Daisy Deadhead[8] Bob Fass.[9] John Murdock, and Brenton Lengel.[10][11]

All the Hippies ever wanted was to be left alone, mostly from the Government.. The Yippies wanted to become the Government and Did..The Clinton’s – John Kerry – and Bill Ayers little Puppet – Barack Obama..

So when you speak of the 60’s and mention Hippies, please don’t be confusing them with Yippies.

Love Stories/Movies – Notting Hill

I just got done watching Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, which is probably the fourth time I have watched it, just might be my favorite Love Story.. First I really enjoy movies with Hugh Grant, it seems every movie he is in he makes you part of his Family and makes you feel very English, Three Weddings and a Funeral had the same effect, he draws you into his family.. well I’m not good at describing movies but I think Notting Hill is worth another watch or two, I just might have to buy the DVD… Great Movie.

Fall Weather

Well today the wind is blowing hard and the temps are cooling, we are in the process of taking down the cooler vents and sealing them off, the wind is whistling through them and quite annoying… Fall is here thank goodness, I love Fall Weather.

Water Shortage

Due to the Water Shortage some places are removing their Fountains, we have a place here called Heritage Square that is all Mission Styling and they seemed to think they needed to remove the Fountain in the open area and put in its place an Art Sculpture– Two Giant Rolls of Duct Tape…hmmmmmm.


Fits right in the scheme of things.. well maybe, a Bronze Statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn would have been much nicer.