Korda’s Camera

Korda is the Photographer who shot the Iconic Photograph of Che, the Revolutionist who once fought with Fidel Castro in Cuba, only to be later killed by the Bolivian Army by firing squad.. anyways the Photographer Korda’s son is selling one of his cameras..not the one which took the iconic photo of Che Guevara.


Which I thought was really funny that his Son was being such a Capitalist by selling his camera, the camera that took the great picture of Che was a Leica M2, but he is selling Korda’s Leica IIIf, which is also the same model of Leica that I had and sold because I didn’t really like bottom loading cameras.. anyways.. such is life !!


Oh if you want to put a bid in on it feel free to follow the link, I think it is up to $18k, much more than I got for mine..LOL

Which all this gives me the urge to shoot my Zorki 6 – 35mm tomorrow during Freedom’s walk, the Museum has 3 portable Observatories out back that might be interesting to shoot.


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