Hurricane Matthew

The Weather Bureau is saying this is the worst Hurricane EVER, with winds up to 165MPH, and for everyone in it’s path must evacuate …. Shepard Smith of FOX NEWS said “if you do not evacuate you will die and so will your children”.. the Hurricane is coming up from the Caribbean and along the Eastern Seaboard of Florida and will hit the Carolinas.. Hillary Clinton said that “it is Man Made from Global Warming and that it was not Mother Nature”.– Knowing Clinton she probably would like to say that this is the fault of Republicans and especially Donald Trump. Well if this is mans fault it is for Biblical reasons, the Earth is cleansing itself of corruption and hatred and erasing over 30,000 e-mails.. why not, this is as good as any other reason. I am soooo tired of Politics, lies, cheats and everything else that is attached to these idiots…snore…. Freedom had a great walk today, I had three people ask what kind of dog he was and how he reminded them of their dog, one gentleman even showed me a picture of his Maltese that was on his cell phone, Freedom and I both enjoy the attention he gets when he struts his stuff down the street, he is my best friend and I enjoy it when people notice how great of a dog he is.


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