Dogs ——

Through the years I have been told/asked about taking portraits of people and their Dogs.. well as you might know I love my Dog. so much that it really seems cruel to call him a Dog, anyways the Photographer Elliot Erwitt is quite famous for his pictures of Dogs, he too loved Dogs and took many photos of his own Dog, well today I saw this and just had to shoot it, I was in Kernville for the Hot Rod Run only to find out that just about everything was done yesterday and almost everyone was gone, I saw about 30 Hot Rods coming down Highway 178 as I was on my way up, so I spent a couple hours of just walking around and shooting some Hot Rods that hadn’t left yet and as always looking for interesting people to shoot when I saw this in front of a Cafe Downtown.. so maybe I have a new calling, People and their Dogs, it actually appeals to me since I’m such a big Dog Lover…



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