I’ve been wearing 501 Shrink To Fit-Original Levis since the early 60’s, now through the years the material has been getting thinner and thinner and the price higher and higher, the other day Levi had a 30% off sale, they always seem to jack up the price when they have the sale so you really are only getting maybe 15% off, so I bought a pair of Levis, first pair in probably two years so it was time, like a fool I bought something new.. 501 Original Clean Rigid, they looked a little bit darker so I was all for that, any ways they were delivered and guess what, their color seemed to have black in it, plus the stitching was a weak yellowish color and OMG the material was so thin..LOL, they were the first pair of Levis that I packaged right back up and will return them today..they sucked, meanwhile I bought 3 pair of what I always buy — there better not be any surprises, but I bought three pair to get out of shipping cost and hopefully I will never have to buy another pair the rest of my life, Levi should be ashamed of what they have done to an American Icon, but I guess greed over takes customer satisfaction these days… and when I see the title –501 – Shrink To Fit – Original, I know they have no concept of what the word Original really means.. Well that is my rant for the day.levis-web

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