Levi – Part II

Well already my New Order of Levi’s has arrived, that was fast, one thing I noticed, one pair did not say Levi on the red tag.. interesting, now when you go online and look at Levi’s pants and jackets the prices are astronomical .. old-levis

This was taken in 1963, the 1963 Levi Pants cost $285 and the Jacket cost $385, amazing but that is because they are American made.. My New Levi’s were made in Mexico and of a thinner Denim than what they were back in 63′ .. maybe because they were made in Mexico they …nevermind, but here is a shot of the one pair with the strange red tag..


Probably a real collectors item..LOL.. The Levi’s I am wearing in 1963 were bought by me, My Mother would not buy me Levi’s, so those were bought by skipping lunch and mowing the lawn, my hair is short in that picture because… that’s another story.


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