For Sale

Sealed Silent bidding for Prestigious Ambassadorship Positions in The Mid-East will begin Jan 1 2017, beginning bid of $250,000, winner will have cash in hand at the close of the auction, send your bids to: Attention: H.R. Clinton, Clinton Family Foundation, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washing D.C.

Now Hiring for White House Staff Positions, send short Bio and 8×10 glossy Portrait to: Billy J. Clinton – First Man, Clinton Family Foundation,  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washing D.C.

Excellent Benefit Package which covers: Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Unwanted Pregnancies, Suicide and more….

Two Weeks Paid Vacation, Two Weeks Free in one of the most Prestigious B n’ B’s in the World, The Lincoln Bedroom at  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washing D.C. Employees will also get their own private e-mail address, their own disposable Lap Top, Non-Traceable BlackBerry Phone.

This is a Eight Year Contract and a great opportunity for the right person to make connections for future employment and Book Deals. Thank You and Good Luck !!

UPDATE: Hillary and The Clinton Crime Foundation lost the Election, now it’s true she won the Popular vote unless of course you deduct the Two Million + Votes that were by Illegal Aliens, but Former (love the sound of that) President Obama said that it would be just fine for Illegals to vote and there would not be any repercussions, but he didn’t take in consideration that The Clinton Crime Foundation would lose.. so sorry to say (no I’m not) The Illegal Voters will go to the Top of The Deportation list, after they serve their Prison Sentence, never trust a Democrat, they’ve been pissed at Republicans since The Republicans Freed their Slaves.


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