Hippies vs Yippies

For decades Hippies have gotten a bad rap and it’s the Yippies that should have been blamed, but the Yippies were quick to jump on board and make their movement look bigger by letting the entire movement look as if it were Hippies– Here is what Wikipedia says about Yippies:

“The Yippies had no formal membership or hierarchy. Abbie and Anita Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Nancy Kurshan, and Paul Krassner founded the Yippies (according to his own account, Krassner coined the name) at a meeting in the Hoffmans’ New York apartment on December 31, 1967.[7] “If the press had created ‘hippie,’ could not we five hatch the ‘yippie’?” Abbie Hoffman wrote.[4] Other activists associated with the Yippies include Stew Albert, Ed Rosenthal, Allen Ginsberg, Ed Sanders, Robin Morgan, Phil Ochs, Robert M. Ockene, William Kunstler,Jonah Raskin, Steve Conliff, John Sinclair, Dana Beal, Matthew Landy Steen, Judy Gumbo, Ben Masel, Tom Forcade, David Peel, Tuli Kupferberg, Jill Johnston[citation needed], Daisy Deadhead[8] Bob Fass.[9] John Murdock, and Brenton Lengel.[10][11]

All the Hippies ever wanted was to be left alone, mostly from the Government.. The Yippies wanted to become the Government and Did..The Clinton’s – John Kerry – and Bill Ayers little Puppet – Barack Obama..

So when you speak of the 60’s and mention Hippies, please don’t be confusing them with Yippies.


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