Ridgecrest, Ca

Lately I have been wanting to get out and shoot some landscapes, Fall colors but I haven’t, the reason, I can’t seem to get out and drive like I did before, everytime I think of going someplace I just cringe with the thought of driving.. so I think I’ll just surrender and shoot Ridgecrest till the day I die, it’s changing a lot and I think many of the pictures I take now will be nothing but memories of what Ridgecrest was once 10 years from now.. everyday I become more and more reclusive and have gotten to where I don’t even want to answer my telephone, and the election isn’t helping.. two phone calls a day wanting to take surveys, so I just dread picking up the phone.. anyways we had some rain last night and some nice cloud cover so Freedom and I strapped on the camera with a 29mm lens and shot these.

The Oz House recently went through a Bank Foreclosure so I don’t know how long it will be still standing, and of course the VFW is kind of showing its years so I wanted to make sure I got a couple shots of both before they are gone– everything around here seems to be disappearing.


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