Fire in the Sequoias

You need to read this article so you can understand how this fire had got started…By a crack smoking illegal who ran off the road and hit a tree.. he had been deported 5 times, only to walk across what we laughingly call a border and return.. any ways I’m ticked off and tired of Moon Beam Brown and his Sanctuary Cities…

I would like to add that my Town of Ridgecrest has to add a special sales tax in order to pave our roads and pay our Police, the reason for this is Moon Beam has stolen our tax dollars to pay for his Sanctuary Cities, Belmont High in Los Angeles has 25% illegals as students, they walk across the border and head for Los Angeles, the school helps them find jobs, housing, food, clothing, medical.. and you know what I mean by helping them.. they show them the ropes on how to suck off the system..these so called children are from the ages of 16 to 21, we know that because that is what they tell us.. Yea right !!, do you really want your 15 year old Daughter going to school with a illegal in his 20’s, well we have to pay our taxes twice so we can keep our town afloat, because Moon Beam is stealing tax dollars from small towns across the state to support the Sanctuaries. — Big Huge Wall !!!



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